Nine Outdoor Activities For The Perfect First Date

The idea of dinner and a movie doesn’t work for every couple and if you’re looking to make your first meeting together a memorable experience, you may have to be much more inventive. It’s important to remember, however, that there are no set rules and, promising the activity appeals to both individuals, a first date can even be an outdoor adventure.

So, for those who enjoy nothing more than hitting the trail or catching waves, here are nine great outdoor activities that can make for the perfect first date.


Whether choosing to share knowledge of local mushrooms or find wild ingredients for a wild dinner together, foraging can be a great way to both spend time in nature and enjoy each other’s company. Bring along a portable cooker, as well as some utensils, and you can even enjoy dinner together outdoors.

Outdoor Cinema

Instead of heading for the local cinema, look out for outdoor screenings in your area. These events can often be extra special, reviving old films for the big screen or even having extra activities and experiences related to the film’s narrative.


While not every climber will be comfortable sharing their favourite spots with others, setting out to scale stunning locations can be a superb way to break the ice on a first date, especially since locations can be chosen for how beautiful or quiet they are.


If it’s watersports that interest you both, then taking to the shores for a romantic paddleboarding outing can be the ideal date and with a beautiful location. Paddleboarding allows for couples to adventure together and at their own pace, and can even be a way to travel to a quiet beach or cove for a more intimate setting.


While this might sound like a niche activity, geocaching has a huge number of participants across Australia and it can be an exciting endeavour for newcomers. And, since there’s puzzle-solving involved, it can be a great way to identify the right chemistry between two people.


Being able to explore a new or favourite trail with someone new can be a great way to show them the types of environments you enjoy while also getting to spend time outdoors and among nature. If you have a particular spot with great views, it can even be an ideal setting for a picnic.


For some, strolls together won’t cut it and only the most adrenaline-fuelled activities will make for the best first date. Skydiving is popular among some individuals because it will ensure that any relationship that forms at 14,000 feet in the air will be a memorable one.


Cycling enthusiasts are likely to enjoy a first date on two wheels, especially if it is covering their favourite landscapes or navigating their favourite cities. If two cyclists get together, it can even be a great way to share an interest.

Local Event

If there is a market taking place or an outdoor activity in your area, it might be the ideal environment for a day out together, showcasing the best that your city or town has to offer. Even if the event isn’t something that might usually interest you, it can be a fun way for both individuals to experience something entirely new together.