The Benefits of Making Your Study Trip as a Couple


Studying abroad is a decision that changes the perspective of many because the experiences that are acquired by being in a new environment make every moment a great learning experience, and although most students make this trip alone, doing it with your significant other actually brings some great benefits.

For this reason, if you and your partner are contemplating studying and travelling abroad during the coming year, here are 5 benefits of doing it as a couple.

Savings during the stay

According to Venga Travel, the Danish experts in studierejser or study travel, abroad, one of the most expensive items when making a study trip abroad is accommodation. Some people might think that when two people are traveling, these accommodation expenses will multiply, but it is the opposite; schools usually welcome couples who decide to reserve accommodation, and choosing a shared room is much cheaper than two individual rooms.


Adapting to a new culture, environment, and language may take a little time, but being with someone you already know makes this process easier since mutual support can be given during the adaptation phase. Also, when studying English or some other language, you can support each other in homework assignments like essays, presentations, and other tasks. You can even adopt a “no [insert your native language] policy” while on your study trip and thus achieve even greater learning of the foreign language.

Activities and 2×1

Doing academic activities or going out to visit the city with your partner will make this experience even better, you can also enjoy 2×1 discounts in theaters, museums, pubs, restaurants, and elsewhere. In this way, you will continue to save even while enjoying the best of the city where you are staying.

Professional trajectory in the country

In destinations such as New Zealand and Australia, a couple with a needed professional profile can be very well received, because there are many advantages for those who wish to pursue postgraduate studies or master’s degrees. In some cases, your partner will be able to work in their area of specialisation, while you complete your studies or vice versa.

Learning after the trip

After having finished the study trip there is no excuse to forget what you learned in the classes, because having travelled with your partner you can continue practicing the language, or reflect upon other academic material, experiences, and lessons learned during your study trip abroad. In fact, it may even become one of your favorite memories as a couple. One you will still treasure many years later.

It is undeniable that experience of living and studying abroad is invaluable in terms of the skills you will develop, and knowledge you will acquire, and, importantly, such experience in a foreign country is highly valued by potential employers. Studying abroad will do wonders for your resume, professional profile, and future employment prospects.

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