6 Reasons to Visit Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is the one place that anyone visiting Indonesia should have an experience of. The park is approximately the size of Greater London and is home to the famous Komodo dragon. It also hosts a number of islands.

If the largest lizard in the world is not enough reason to put this overwhelmingly stunning park on your bucket list, then you may want to go for the pink beaches, that manta spots and the surreal sunsets.

Here are six reasons why you need to plan a boat ride to the Komodo Island and get a guided tour around the national park:

  1. The Komodo Dragons

What you have read about them or seen on wildlife television shows is nothing compared to a live experience. The Komodo dragon is an ancient looking monitor lizard that is found on only two islands: Komodo and Rinca.

You may get to experience the adrenalin rush associated with facing a dangerous animal up close if you want to. You will have the services of expert guides to ensure that your encounter is without casualties.

A good reason to pay this gigantic lizard a visit is your park fees will help in the conservation of the Komodo dragon which is an endangered species.

  1. Experience an Authentic Pink Beach

Your pessimism will be laid to rest with a visit to one of the park’s pink beaches. They actually exist; pink sand and everything. You probably suspect that most of the pictures you see online are the work of excellent photo shopping skills.

A visit to Komodo national Park may show you the real pink beach. Indonesia has a handful of them located in the archipelago. Once you land on one, you will have a practical lesson on how the pink beach comes to be. Small red coral fragments mix with the white sand on the beach and you have your pink beach. Nature is a wonderful thing and can pull amazing surprises such as this one.

  1. The Ethereal Sunsets and Sunrises

Since you are not visiting only for these, they can be called additional benefits of travelling to Komodo Island. You will be stunned by the beauty of the sunsets and sunrises so much so that you may want to set your alarm for the dawn just to watch the sunrise.

These are some of the magnificent gifts of nature that many people live for; to simply perceive the unadulterated beauty of nature that we may not experience on a daily basis where we live.

  1. Enjoy the Romantic Atmosphere

The Komodo National Park may actually qualify for a honeymoon destination. Sunbathing in the sun on a pink beach with a vision of multitudes of colorful sea life and stunning corals surely creates a picture of the perfect destination for your honeymoon or anniversary with your loved one.

Furthermore, you can also have this experience on your own. Just to have a peaceful time away from human settlement and the constant pinging of electronics and other forms of noise and air pollution is very restful and healing.

  1. Snorkeling, Diving and swimming with Tropical Sea Life

The park is home to some of the best sights for diving, snorkeling and swimming with the beautiful fishes, turtles and dolphins. After your rather startling experience with the fierce Komodo dragon, you can have a calming experience in the clear waters with the fish, go snorkeling and diving with friends or simply enjoy some lazy swimming.

Out of the water you can have some fun encounters with birds and deer and get your adrenalin rolling again with the crocodiles. If you are a bird-watching enthusiast, the myriads of bird species should keep you happily occupied.

  1. Stunning Landscapes

Komodo National Park gives you a stunning collection of islands of various sizes. Some of the islands have the most amazing peaks, some so tall that the thought of scaling them is simply petrifying. Then you have the pink beaches and the golden sandy ones that shimmer in the water.

For these and many other reasons, a visit to the Komodo National Park is worth dime you spend on the trip.