7 Essential Tips for Travelers Going to Bali Soon


Bali is one of the most sort after holiday destinations in Southeast Asia. This beautiful tropical paradise, which is a part of the Indonesian archipelago is great for those looking for a romantic getaway or those looking for a top tourist destination they can visit all year round.

Are you traveling to Bali or planning to spend your honeymoon here? Before you pack up and head out, we have a few essential tips for you today. Trust me you really need to know this in advance before you come to Bali!

1)      Choose the Right Time

While Bali is often praised for its all year-round warm tropical weather, it’s important to have your holiday at the right time of the year. Make sure you place your trip between May to September as the other months usually have a lot of rainfall. However, those who don’t mind the downpours may take advantage of the low season to land a nice discount.

2)      Be Prepared for Warm Weather

Visitors to Bali should be prepared for the warm tropical climate on the island. Average temperatures in Bali range between 27 °C to 30 °C so make sure you carry enough light clothing and be ready to spend time cooling in the water in the resort or out in the sea. However, the sea breeze and spa treatment centers in the resort will make the experience worth it.

3)   Bali Has A Lot of Wildlife

Bali is not your typical beach destination as it has a good number of wildlife species scattered across the protected forests. Venture into the Ubud forest, and you will be greeted by the often pesky and thieving monkeys. You are allowed to grab a selfie or two with them but don’t get too friendly with them as they can scratch or worse still give you a nasty infection.

4)     Accommodation Selection Can Be Tricky

Being one of the most popular holiday destinations this part of the world, Bali is littered with all manner of resorts and hotels. Some of the resorts advertise seaside views, spa treatments, and all manner of amenities but don’t always have them. Make sure you book accommodation in an exclusive area of the island away from the crowds and Wildlife. The Ayana resort has one of the best spa in Bali and is quite cozy.

5)   Be Prepared for The Culture in Bali

The culture in Bali is probably unlike anything you have experienced elsewhere in the world. The people here take their religions and festivals seriously. Offerings are made openly in the streets, festivals and other cultural events can close entire streets in the towns without notice. Don’t be surprised if you see all manner of religious symbols and totems in the taxis, shops, and markets in Bali.

There are temples and cultural shrines aplenty in Bali, visitors are welcome to mix with the locals in worship but do remember to dress decently when you visit something like a temple or shrine in Bali. You must buy a sarong/sash to wear when you visit the temples in Bali.

6)   You Can Avoid the Crowds If You Need Privacy

Most people tend to associate Bali with crowded streets and beaches teeming with all manner of tourists. While some of the locations such as Kuta can be overcrowded in the high season, Bali still remains a top romantic destination. There are less crowded and truly exclusive locations for romantics and those who want some privacy on the island.  This also depends on the place you put up, so choose wisely. The Ayana resorts in Jimbaran, Bali proved quite exclusive during our visit.

7)   Don’t Carry Any Drugs

It’s never a good idea to have any drugs with you when you travel to a new place. Punishment for being caught with illegal drugs in Bali can be extreme, including death if you are unlucky. Keep off drugs and enjoy the fantastic beaches, views, SPA treatments, and great views in Bali, and you will find yourself wanting to come back every year.

In Conclusion

Bali holiday experiences are quite satisfying to say the least. Visas on entry are cheap or not needed if you come from any of the 169 countries that have that access. Bon Voyage!

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