Essential Tips to Consider when Volunteering in Ghana


Ghana is called the Golden Child of West Africa which reflects its significance and stature in the entire Africa. If you decide to become a volunteer in Ghana, expect to experience an unmatched hospitality from the local people. And this requires you to be a sensible and responsible Ghana traveller while doing volunteer works there. Below are the things that you have to remember to avoid any type of unintentional disrespect towards Ghana’s people.

The Do’s

  1. Make sure that you exchange items and eat with your right hand. Ghana’s culture consider left hand as the toilet hand and must be avoided when greeting and giving or taking items.
  2. Whenever you enter a room, you must always greet people. People in Ghana would expect this and you would not want them to stare at your strangely.
  3. Show respect whenever you interact with anyone in the country, particularly the elders.
  4. If you are in a rural area, visit the chief of the village. Take you r hat off as you greet the chief and make sure your hands are out of your pockets.

  1. Try to learn some greeting phrases or routine words so you can interact and merge with the natives quickly.
  2. If you visit somebody’s place, bring a gift because this is a sign of good gesture. Ghanaians love to share.
  3. Know that it is a general practice in the country to tip waiters. If you think that waiter gives a good service, leave hip a tip.
  4. If visiting a certain event or location, wear property outfit or dress. You can ask your guide or coordinator about this.

The Don’ts

  • Photography. Don’t take photos of a person or place without asking consent.
  • If you meet the village chief, don’t offer your hand unless he offers his hand first.
  • Don’t many any funny or derogatory comments on political or ethnic groups and religion. In fact, do not even think about it if you want to go home safe.
  • Expect events in the country to be started out late. Don’t arrive at an event on time unless you have so much time and like to wait for at least an hour. This is called “Africa time.

  • Do not waste resources especially water and food. In Ghana, even the smallest things are quite valuable.
  • Do not get out of your senses while drinking in a bar in Ghana
  • However, things are different in terms of appointment or business meetings. So never be late when you attend any of these.
  • When in front of the village chief or the elders. Do not sit with crossed legs. People in Ghana take it as an insult.

Volunteering in this African country is a great opportunity to have an understanding of the local people’s lifestyle and make lifetime friends. Following the basic tips above can help in you making unforgettable memories and ensuring you are safe while volunteering in International Volunteer Program.

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