Experience the Hidden Treasures of Labuan Bajo


From being a sleepy fishing village to now being the principle hub for site visitors wanting to explore East Nusa Tenggara, Labuan Bajo is recognized as one of the fine dive spots in the world.

Labuan Bajo is positioned at the westernmost tip of Flores. For the visitors arriving in an international flight, they can access the island through the towns of Jakarta, Bali or Lombok. Local tourists can reach the place by domestic flights from Labuan Bajo’s Komodo Airport on a daily basis.

The Best Time to Visit

The best thing about this island is that it is an all year round sunshine vacation spot making it an ideal place to visit at any time. However, some visitors opt to pass the period of January to March which is usually a rainy season and the July-August period when it is the peak season for vacationers.

During the April to June season, the sea is very calm with clear underwater visibility, hence it is frequently taken into consideration as the pleasant time to discover the marine life and spot the ancient dragons inside the wild. Also the September-December period is referred to as the mantas season where the avid divers and snorkelers visit the island in order to devise their diving adventure.

Activities to Engage in while in Labuan Bajo

While most recall Labuan Bajo as a gateway to the Komodo Island, there are plenty of activities and scenes to enjoy. For the foodies, one can get a flavor of the exotic food by heading to Kampung Ujung. Sunset fanatics might also want to go to Bukit Cinta, Bukit Amelia, and Bukit Silvia, which give the satisfactory vantage points in town.

AYANA also offers a wonderful 3 day itinerary package for visitors who have limited time but still want to get the best of Komodo Island. Here is how the itinerary is handled;

Day 1: Arrival and Settling in

On arrival, AYANA welcomes visitors to the tiny port city of Labuan Bajo. There is an array of high class accommodation facilities where one can settle into with the ideal one being the 5-star luxurious lodging which is the AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach.

When staying at the AYANA Komodo Resort, visitors have access to a wide personal stretch of the white sandy beach in addition to various beachfront hangouts; this is indeed a perfect start to your labuan bajo to Komodo Island journey.

The island’s wonderful sunset is best enjoyed with a glass wine served at AYANA Komodo resort which has a very unique rooftop bar that offers a first-class sunset revel in the town. One can also visit the: Kisik Grill which is an ideal place for visitors looking for beachfront seafood grill.

Day 2: Setting out and exploring

The second day is fun filled with several activities to engage in, the first is taking a walk at the wild facet. One is taken on a brief hike at the most breathtaking pinnacle of the hill vantage point in Komodo National Park.  The visitor can also choose between the sunrise or sunset trek, and get prepared to fall in love with the wildly gorgeous Padar Island.

The sunset bat watching is an impressive day’s end; one can take a cruise by the coastline of Kalong Island and watch heaps of bats taking up the sunset sky. This phenomenal scene is a once in a lifetime experience that will absolutely stay with you forever.

Before leaving the Island, one ought to experience the famous crimson pink sand beach. With its cotton colored sands, it is dubbed as one of the world’s most stunning beaches.

Day 3: finalizing the tour

During the final day, the visitor is taken on a trip at the glass backside boat to get a first class view of the island’s underwater marine life. Then proceed to a guided excursion to Rinca Island to see the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. For snorkeling enthusiasts, the underwater beauty of Menjerite Island is a must visit.

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