Five Star Hotels In Jakarta


Everyone wants to retreat from the hectic schedule of a long day to the comfort of good dining or a refreshing drink in some tranquil environment. The perfect vacation destination plaguing the minds of many is one dripping with culinary delights or draped with tropical views and majestic pools. Jakarta is the five star destinations that simply spell out these very fantasies with all the extras. The magical scenes, extensive facilities, and pristine dining combine to provide a most pleasant stay. For businesspersons from Sidney, China and Indonesia the perfect focal point of business lies in Jakarta making it a prime destination.

Accommodation options

When boarding in hotel suit, the convenience of the suit should align with those of the guest. What to expect from a suit more so from the five star rated one should surpass ordinary standards. Five star hotels in Jakarta have upped their game in relation to accommodation options. As the client walks into a room and finds it tailored for their personal needs, an assurance of comfort is inevitable. The hotel suits have an added personal touch to ensure that every client boarding receives a splendid lodge.

What does the Jakarta five star experience entail?

An experience embodies more than one aspect since it is an amalgam of the feelings, sights and tastes while one embarks on something. While in Jakarta, only the finest comes into play. The five star hotel would only offer the bet experience if it had complimentary services to go along with the facilities. Complimentary services would include transport service to the airport or Wi-Fi for the guest in the hotels. Resources for the comfort of the guests will go a long way to ensure their maintained comfort. A refreshing stretch of the muscles in bid to break a sweat and keep fit will have one exercise in a gym or simple play a racket game. The facilities arrayed in the five star hotels in Jakarta ensure that the guest as a convenient stay. While in Jakarta, take time to enjoy the splendid tropical views coupled with majestic pools it will sure brighten the day.


While vising a city for the first time, wonder lies around every corner and one of the greatest is culinary. The thought of a five star banquet would entail all forms of delicacies in all tastes imaginable. Yes, to taste the best you have to taste five star, which is sure to bust your taste buds. The different menus offered will surely satisfy any needs whether business meals or a leisure dines. The drinks section also has apart to play to complete the full dining experience. With multiple bars settings that offer extensive drinks menus, the guest will undoubtedly unwind as they sip and lip with a friend or a colleague. In the bar as you wind the day take a sip and have some live entertainment in a comfortable ambience unlike any other.

The magical wedding

Everyone wants to have magic surround them as they say “I do” and thereafter sail off to an equally if not more enchanted honeymoon destination. A city wedding is a norm that seems to appeal to many wedding couples. Jakarta, with its splendid views and fresh open air will offer the perfect venues. One such venue offers a garden lined with palm trees, studded with fairy lights, and hanging lantern, which would make for a magical setting. All around five star hotels in Jakarta will offer magical venues that astound you. The pride of Jakarta lies in its beauty and luxury and these two aspects blended will ensure you have the best wedding experience.

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