Going on Holiday without Spending a Lot of Money


Going on holiday is usually one of your most memorable times of the year. You get to spend time seeing something new or returning to a place you love. You may get to visit friends or relatives you don’t get to see regularly, and you may even make new friends. However, holidays can also be costly. Even if you carefully budget for them, you may discover that you spend more on a holiday than you expected to. Here are a few tips you can use to help you spend less.

Remember to Plan for Food and Souvenirs

You will know the cost of many of your holiday expenses, including your travel and lodging, beforehand. Anything that you are pre-booking or pre-purchasing, including car hire services and tickets to events, can be budgeted for. However, most people don’t really budget for their food or shopping expenses. You need to remember to do this, especially if you’re on a tight budget. One thing you can do to determine your food expenses is to do an online search for restaurants in the area. Get an idea of what the average prices are so you can better determine your eating costs per day.

For souvenirs, you have a couple of options. You can set aside a lump sum to spend on shopping, but if you do this, you have to carefully keep track of how much money you’re spending. A better option may be to decide how much you want to spend and if you want to buy gifts for others. For your own spending, decide on a maximum and, if possible, bring that amount in cash. It’s much easier to track your spending that way than it is with a credit card. For your gifts, make a list of everyone you want to buy for and set an amount for each. This will help you stay within a price range.

Shop Around

Don’t book the first flight or hotel you come across, even if you think it’s the best. Always take some time to look at your options. You can find out more information on booking cheap flights, hotels, and car hire online, especially through websites designed to help make comparisons easier. By checking around and finding the most affordable flights, hotels, and car hires possible, you can save a good deal of money. That, in turn, means that you may be able to eat at fancier restaurants or do more shopping.

Look for Extras

When you’re looking at lodging, look to see if your room includes breakfast. If it does, you can save money by eating at your hotel every morning before going out for the day. Some events may also include a meal with the ticket purchase. If you’re not doing a car hire, remember that many hotels do have complimentary shuttles that run to the airport. Be sure to take these things into account when you’re budgeting since it can help you stretch your holiday budget a little further.

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