Have An Adventurous Dog? Get These Travel Essentials For Your Pooch!


Dogs are smart and they love adventurous activities. Of course, some breeds of dogs are more active than others, but this is a species that doesn’t like to be contained in general. If you travel with your pet frequently, you need to get a few essentials for him, especially for extreme activities. We have enlisted the top things for your shopping list.

  • Start with his medicines. Your little pooch may need medicines for motion sickness, upset stomach and a lot of unforeseen medical circumstances. Make sure that you speak to your vet and have all the meds and a first aid kit in place.
  • Get a harness. When it comes to outdoor activities, you need to have adequate control on your pet, and for that, a collar is never enough. You can get a Harness by Ruffwear, which is designed exclusively for activities like hiking. The harness should have space for a few things like water and treats and should be designed in a way that the animal doesn’t feel heavy.

  • You need a long leash. No matter how trained your dog might be, he still needs to be controlled, at least in areas that he is not familiar with. NEVER leave your dog without a leash. Get one that’s sturdy and is made of a strong material.
  • A dog towel is important. If you are traveling in the mountains, you never know when it rains. Get a good towel for your pet, so that he can be dried as required, but don’t buy something too heavy.
  • A good all-weather coat. Dogs like to get out in the sun and they love the rains too. You need an all weather coat that can withstand the weather. You can get a raincoat too if needed. Look for a reputed brand, and the product should last for years.
  • Wet dog food is necessary. If you plan to walk and hike for long hours, your pooch will need wet food. Unlike dry food, wet food is full of water content, which will keep the animal hydrated, especially if the dog doesn’t like drinking water on the go.

  • Get a tick collar. When it comes to outdoors, your dog is exposed to endless things, and the last thing you would want are ticks and fleas. Get a tick collar or any form of repellent that works and is safe for regular use.

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