List of the greatest attractions in the Yellowstone National Park


Popularly mentioned as the ‘best idea America ever had’- the Yellowstone National Park offers the greatest attraction in one place which is simply awe-inspiring. The landscape is blessed with a lake, river, canyon, a series of geothermal features, limestone rocks, hot springs, geyser, valley and the wildlife with uncountable numbers of species.

This is a perfect hotspot for the adventurous vacationers and the families looking forward to a guided tour. It is never going to be disappointing rather you will feel like visiting the place over and over again to check out the sights that you’ve missed on your previous tours. Be a traveler more than a tourist at the Yellowstone National Park to enjoy the exquisite beauty of lap of Mother Nature in the amazing park that Americans boast on.

Check out the list of the greatest attractions in the Yellowstone National Park—

Old Faithful

You must witness the Old Faithful one of the tallest and popular geysers of the Yellowstone National Park. For enjoying the eruption of the geyser, reach the Observation Point a few yards from the Old Faithful to witness the eruption that lasts for a few seconds to five minutes sometimes. You can choose to stay at the Old Faithful Inn which is a landmark of the Yellowstone National Park located next to the Eponymous geyser.

Norris Geyser Basin

Among the top attractions of the Yellowstone National Park, Norris Geyser Basin holds a good rank for having the active and the world’s tallest geyser that comes out like a fountain. Since 100,000 BC, the Norris Geyser Basin is active and popular for being the oldest and the most active geothermal area in the United States. This is also the hottest geyser basin in the park and the home to the Steamboat of the park. You need to choose the best guided Yellowstone national park tours that can help you in exploring the geological wonder. Every year millions of tourists visiting the park, arrive here to witness one great wonder of Mother Nature. You can visit the nearby Norris Museum protecting various relics and proves of the wonder that will simply amaze you.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone National Park

The guided tours can let you explore the canyon area in the park that is commonly known as the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The 24-mile-long gorge carved by the Yellowstone River is a spectacular view that you will see there. Walk or cycle across the North Rim Trail to enjoy the impressive landscape of the canyon as well as the river. Sensitive human beings, running away from the daily tantrums of the city life can find peace in the red and yellow landscape of the canyon.

The Yellowstone River

If you have the adventurous spirit to enjoy the best of the Yellowstone National Park, river rafting along with horseback riding and biking should be on your list. Enjoy a whole day or overnight river rafting on the white waters of the river, Know the names of the different rapids and enjoy the swift of the amazing waters.

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