Questions to Ask When Booking a Meeting Room


Many companies are in the habit of conducting their annual general meetings or even important conferences in conference halls or congress halls of hotels. And if you are in charge of making the bookings then your selection of the hall or room will contribute directly to the success of the event or meet. This makes your selection all the more critical.

So how do you select an ideal conference room or location de salle de congrès en Estrie for a corporate or personal event? What questions you should ask when you are going through the selection process?

How Many People Will the Room Accommodate?

If you know that you have 100 people attending the conference then you should select a room that accommodates 140 people. It is better to overbook than under book for such events. The room should not feel cramped up to the guests and should have enough space for the people to move around.

What is the Layout of the Room?

All types of layouts are not ideal for all types of events. For examples annual general meetings should be ideally held in a room with a rectangular or square layout. A wedding can be held in a circular room. The room should also not have a lot of beams coming in way because that can mar the experience of the guests.

What is the Ambience of the Room?

A corporate event should not be held in a conference room that has very vibrant or bright colours. The room should not have large windows and should not be adjacent to a pool. These things can distract the guests from important discussion points. However, if it is a wedding, then the room can have an adjacent pool where your guests can lounge around whenever they feel like it. How the lighting is set up in the room will also matter.

What Can Be Done to Set up the Room?

If you have an event where there will be presentations and speeches then you are going to need a podium to be set up inside the room. You would also need a projector to project the presentations for the guests. You will need enough power outlets to connect laptops and microphones. In addition to this, if there is going to be a Q&A session then you would need additional microphones. Check if these things are available with the room or have to be hired separately.

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