Should you buy a Luxury Performance Boat?


I live in the Midwest, and in the summer, my family and I love to go to the lake. My daughter can’t wait to put her feet in the sand, and she will swim for hours. While she enjoys the beach, her and our favorite past-time is taking the boat out.

Years ago, my parents bought a speed boat. It’s nice; we can ski, fish, tube, and stop by our favorite shore-side restaurant. Recently, as our family has grown in size, it’s been more and more difficult to get everyone on the boat. We’ve been forced to take turns, which everyone agrees isn’t nearly as fun. My parents decided to make a change and looked into pontoon boats.

At first, my brothers, wife, and I weren’t excited to trade in our sporty, sleak speed boat, for a giant, comparatively slow pontoon. However, after we took the pontoon out on the lake, we fell in love. All of us, our entire family, our dogs, and even our neighbors, can fit comfortably. The pontoon has enough power to pull my daughter on skis, and is large enough to allow us parents to anchor the boat and have a drink while our kids jump off the side of the pontoon.

Before my parents bought their pontoon, they voiced an interest in luxury performance boats. They, like us, thought the most luxurious, modern boats would be smaller, sporty, and not a pontoon boat. We were wrong. After browsing the selection of boats, we found that some of the most durable, modern looking boats were the pontoons. Many are equipped with modern, top-of-the line stereo systems, navigation, depth finders, and large, sturdy tables and chairs where families like us can have a meal together.

Besides the beautiful design and spacious layouts of the pontoons, we were also pleasantly surprised that we wouldn’t have to give-up power. The sales team showed us pontoons with the best engines in the business. Unlike pontoons of the past, which were known for being clunky, these modern boats were fast, and able to both hold a large number of people and tow a skier, depending on the circumstances.

So, if you’re in the market for a new boat, take a look at a pontoon. You may be hesitant, like we were. You may think they’re out of your price range; they’re not. There are many affordable options. You may not believe that they’re the right boat for you, but, please, at least give them a try. Who knows, you may, like us, be very surprised and pleased with what you find. Pontoons can be just as luxurious, just as fun, as any other boat on the market. Take it out on the water and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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