The Perfect Romantic Getaway


If you are a little on the romantic side, and would like to whisk your partner off to some idyllic spot and have 5 star facilities at hand, Scotland is the ideal location. The spectacular scenery is the perfect backdrop for a romantic encounter, and with a hot tub lodge that is fully self-contained, the setting is complete.

A Touch of Class

If you are planning to pop the question, or maybe celebrate a number of years together, there are stylish hot tub lodges with superior interiors in Scotland, and with a choice of stunning locations, you will find something just right for that special encounter. It’s one thing to be tucked away in a remote corner of the Scottish countryside, but if you are staying in a private 5 star lodge with all the amenities, you never have to leave the comfort of the elegant accommodation.

The Element of Surprise

If your partner is in need of a break, and you want to make it something special, you can search online for reputable holiday accommodation, and with the right lodge at an affordable price, you can make an online booking. This kind of surprise is a welcome one indeed, and with so much to see and do in the area, you have the best of both worlds.

The Hot Tub Experience

If you have experienced a hot tub, then you will understand how it can bring the romantic out in a person, and with the stunning backdrop of a Scottish loch, you couldn’t ask for a better setting to pop the magic question. Lie back and sample some of the local malt whisky and you can both watch the spectacular sunset in your own private outdoor hot tub.

A Popular Choice

Hot tub holidays in the Scottish countryside are fast becoming the new trend in holidaying. People want to be close to nature and Scotland has some of the best natural landscapes in the world. Untouched over the centuries, the lowlands and highlands are a wonder for tourists to explore, and for a young couple, there is a wealth of activities if you get tired of the cosy lodge. If you plan to go between March and September, you had best make an early booking, as the best lodges will soon be fully booked up.

Romantic Walks

There is nothing more appealing for a romantic couple than a stroll through the leafy glens and valleys, and if you are both up to hiking, there are some spectacular and very challenging hike trails to explore. Packed lunches will see you through until you return to your lodge, when you can jump in the hot tub and revitalize those tired muscles.

Local Attractions

If you are bikers than join up with the regular cycling tours, and if you didn’t bring a fold up bike with you, they can be rented almost everywhere. If golf is your thing, welcome to the home of the game, and there are some very challenging courses to play. Salmon and trout fishing is an experience on its own, and with local advice, you will find the best spots to catch dinner.

Hot tub lodges are a familiar sight on the shores of many Scottish lochs, as more and more people find the tranquility and luxury a welcome combination for the perfect holiday.


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