Travel Tools: The Top Android Apps and Gadgets for Modern-Day Road Warriors


Traveling is a well-sought pastime by business people, families, couples, and singles.  However, the modern-day road warrior is much more equipped than those taking adventures in the past.  Imagine having to travel decades ago with no handheld devices, smartphones, and no apps!  Today, seasoned travelers use a range of apps from the Android store to accommodate the need to find gas, alternate routes, restaurants, etc.

Gas Buddy

At home, you have your regular routes and likely know the best price in town for gas.  But when you’re traveling or on vacation, it’s unclear as to where to go to find the best prices for gas…until now.  Gas Buddy takes your location into consideration and then provides you with intelligence regarding stations with the best prices.  If you’re an advocate of a type of gas or a particular company, then you can further narrow your search.


The site offers an app so customers can compare hotel room prices.  The map option is especially convenient since travelers can get a better idea as to whether a certain accommodation is out of their way or close to other points on their travel itinerary.  Also, it’s a great backup to have if prior reservations fall through or you’re not pleased with the state of a particular hotel.

7 Minute Workout

We all want to be healthy and look great, but not all of us dedicate the time toward the effort.  It’s especially easy to make excuses when one is traveling, but not if you have the 7 Minute Workout app, your workout partner to help burn calories, build muscle, and accelerate your cardiovascular system.  Who doesn’t have seven minutes to dedicate toward a healthier lifestyle?

Podcast Addict

The number of published podcasts is growing along with the interest of listeners.  It takes a lot of time to peruse through the web and read a bunch of blogs.  However, you can get educated on a range of topics while sitting in your car, cleaning the home, or working at your desk.  Podcast Addict lets you search, download, and listen to podcasts.  Are you searching for something new?  The app features a trending function that will continuously introduce you to fresh content.

Camera 360

Who goes on vacation or an irregular place and doesn’t take pictures to catalog the experience?  The Camera 360 app has over 200 filters to make your pictures look perfect and unique.  Of course, we’re living in the age of social media.  Once you’ve modified your photo to your liking, you can upload and share on your favorite social channels.  Will the weather influence the places you go to take pictures?  There’s an app for that.  Get it on Google Play.


Well, why would you be satisfied with still frame pictures when you can capture live video footage of your vacation or time on the road?  The VLC app has a load of video formats and adjustable settings.  Furthermore, the app works to accelerate your phone’s hardware so you’ll get the best video capture performance from your smartphone.  If you’re a hardcore videographer you can probably find better apps, yet VLC provides more than satisfactory service.

Patrick Griffiths loves travel and outdoor adventure sports. A bit of a free spirit at heart, he writes about places, sports/events and his top travel tips.

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