Trips to Take at Any Age


Older travelers should never feel as if they are restricted in their holiday destinations!

For one thing, they often have that little bit more disposable income, and if they are post-retirement they may have a little extra time to devote to themselves.

More money and more time can add up to seriously good holidays. What’s more, the over 50s are taking more trips than ever, with one recent article citing research that the older generation is now taking 3 city breaks a year – in addition to traditional, longer getaways.

So knowing that, the question stops being about worrying what holidays may be suitable for older travelers – and instead worrying where you’ll find the time to fit it all in!

Brussels, Belgium

There is way more to Brussels than many people assume.

It is bursting with culture, art, and history and if you like your food then you are guaranteed to have a great time in this city!

Everything from the famous sugar flecked Belgian waffles to probably the best mussels and fries you will find anywhere – and that’s before we get onto the beer! Most bars in Brussels have a menu of beer options that runs to pages in length.

The other great thing about Brussels is the sheer ease of getting there! City breaks are great and low cost airlines have brought more of Europe’s fine cities to our attention over the last few years.


Greece has long been recognized as one of the best holiday destinations in Europe no matter your age.

One of the great things about Greece is that it can offer many individual holiday styles all rolled into one, everything from city breaks to more adventurous holidaying.

On the city breaks front, it’s hard to look past Athens. You are surrounded by history and magnificent architecture lies around every town. The food is simply outstanding – and usually pretty healthy, if that’s what you want – and the city has decent infrastructure that makes getting around relatively easy.

For those who want to get out and about and see the more rugged side of Greece, there are hundreds of unspoilt islands to explore. The weather, the cooling coastal breezes and the magnificent views of islands like Crete all make Greece something of a hiker’s paradise.


This country has been making its way onto a host of “Must Visit” lists recently, as it has begun to step out of the shadow of its neighbor Spain.

Whilst much of the latter has seen its holiday destinations adapt to tourists from the rest of Europe, much of Portugal remains something of a hidden gem.

Like Greece, it has outstanding city breaks, Lisbon being the obvious stand out. Beautiful architecture, outstanding weather – provided you like it hot – and some of the best food Europe has to offer. If you like fresh and delicious seafood, then welcome to heaven!

Away from the cities are vast swathes of some of the most impressive coastlines in Europe, dotted with attractive little towns & villages boasting friendly locals, amazing views and even more outstanding – and seriously cheap – food.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Definitely more a dream destination compared to the other holidays mentioned on this list, it would be remiss not to mention the Great Barrier Reef as a destination for the older traveler.

Frankly, if you’ve never seen it before and you have the ability, it’s hard to argue against it. It really is one of the wonders of the world, a truly unique living ecosystem of unparalleled beauty.

Diving – whether fully tanked up or Snorkel style – is not as intimidating as it may appear, and there are a wealth of friendly and well qualified tour guides to take you down to the reef and keep you safe.

So yes, certainly a once in a lifetime trip – but what a holiday it would be!

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