Why Laos is an Ideal Travel Destination


If you travel to Southeast Asia, you may have difficulty pinpointing a destination. After all, this part of the world is home to some culturally and historically interesting countries. However, if you want to relax on your trip, Laos offers the best accommodations for your specific needs.

When you arrive in Laos, you immediately notice that no one is really in a rush. Whilst the country is home to lush vegetation and fertile soils, many locals are happy to harvest rice crops once a year.

The Ideal Destination for Foodies

Plus, guests who arrive in the country surprisingly discover that the food is fresh and flavourful. Nothing is processed. So, instead of bakery goods or chips, foods represent delights such as veggies, sticky rice, steamed fish, and crunchy greens.

An Unforgettable Experience

If you choose to take a tour in the country, you are regularly rewarded with amazing, if not mind-altering, sunsets. Whether you are visiting the Mekong delta region or are viewing the sunset from a rooftop pub, the lack of pollution makes the day’s ending an unforgettable experience.

Kuang Si Falls

Laos travel specialists claim that Laos has a high annual rainfall. As a result, the mountainous terrain and extensive river system also feature several impressive cascades. One of the popular falls is the Kuang Si Falls, which is located just outside Luang Prabang.

Besides the cascades, you can also discover the city’s rustic and beautiful scenery in the form of rice fields, woods, jungles, and hillsides. You really cannot go anywhere without seeing the colour green.

The Hmong Story Cloths

If you are seeking authentic handcrafts, Laos is the ideal spot to make your selections. Whilst much of Southeast Asia’s embroidery is factory-made for visitors, Laos features handicrafts made by local artisans. For example, the Hmong Story Cloths are favourite hand-made crafts, as they are designed to relate myths, folktales, and creation stories.

A Communist Country

Whilst the main religion in Laos is Buddhism, its government is Communist. In fact, Laos is one of only five Communist countries in the world today. The other countries include Vietnam, China, Cuba, and North Korea.

Everyone Wins

Tourists who visit Laos notice the country’s commitment towards providing ecotourism travel. In fact, many communities in Laos feature tourism-based initiatives to support the country’s economy. Therefore, everyone wins when countries concentrate on providing eco-friendly accommodation, tours, and attractions.

A few of the most popular tours available for travellers include the following:

  • Phongsaly Loop
  • Vang Vieng Escape
  • Luang Prabang Trekking Retreat

Something for Everyone

If you plan to visit Southeast Asia but are not sure where to begin or end your journey, you should review the available tours in Laos. Tours are designed for both families and singles, as well as every age groups. There is something for everyone who visits this fascinating country. Therefore, when deciding on a tour, review the travel styles and consider your length of stay and budget before making a decision.

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