Put Your Linen Problems to Bed: 3 Qualities to Look For In Hotel Sheets


The first thing a weary traveler looks forward to after getting off the road is pulling back the hotel sheets and climbing into a comfortable bed. While a well-made bed looks effortless, the truth is that much care goes into the process of selecting the linens, caring for the materials and making the mattress up properly. Unfortunately, poor quality sheets can ruin all of your hard work when they are thin or prone to staining. Flimsy sheets also need frequent replacement, which cuts into your bottom line. When your hotel staff is fed up with making up beds that never truly reflect your hotel’s high standards for hospitality, look for these factors that will help you replace your raggedy sheets with ones that are high quality.

Check The Thread Count

Low thread count sheets tend to be thinner, which is fine for hotels in warmer locations that need lightweight, crisp sheets that fit within a tighter budget. However, sheets with thread counts below 200 tend to accumulate more wear and tear. For mid-range hotels, a thread count of 400 is your most budget-friendly option that still gives your guests a smooth surface on which to rest their heads. Luxury hotels that truly want to pamper their guests should select sheets with a thread count over 800. Since most people don’t use sheets of this quality at home, these high thread count sheets really generate that sought after vacation feeling.

Choose the Right Fabric

Traditional cotton sheets are similar to what most people use at home, and they are known for being fairly simple to care for. Yet, there are other options for upgrading your hotel sheets. For example, percale is a plain weave fabric that is commonly found in high thread count varieties of sheets. It has a soft, silky feel but is also able to stand up to multiple washings. Sateen is another type of fabric that is softer than percale. Since it resembles silk, it offers a more hotel-friendly way to treat your guests to a luxurious night’s sleep.

Select Low-Maintenance Sheets

The hospitality industry does a lot of laundry, and your guests always appreciate a fresh set of sheets after a long day. While your sheets may take a beating with frequent washing and drying, you can extend that crisp hotel feeling by choosing sheets that are wrinkle-resistant. Typically, these types of sheets will still require some ironing. However, they reduce pressing time while also ensuring that your guests wake up to sheets that still feel perfectly crisp.

A cozy bed is one of your biggest assets in the competitive field of hospitality. By choosing the best sheets, you can cut your replacement costs while also improving the overall experience for each guests who visits your hotel. In fact, you may just discover that your guests love the sheets so much that they request a set of their own.


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