Traveling To Cornwall, UK? Check These Quick Tips!


If you are looking for a distinctive holiday in the US, Cornwall can be a great pick. Famously known as the home to legendary King Arthur, this is a destination that offers amazing options for enjoying the weather. People often come here for peace and calmness, away from the deafening crowds of the big cities

The basics

Cornwall is located in the southwest of the UK and is a duchy. It’s quite different in terms of feel and is known well for cultural tourism. This is also a great place to enjoy good food, and you will love the small town charm of the local villages. Most people speak English here, so you won’t have a hard time as a tourist.

What to see?

  • If you are fond of beaches, Bude is a good place, which beaches like Summerleaze that are extremely popular. Surfing is a good activity that can be enjoyed here, and there are small hotels, where you can stay for a night.
  • Another awesome holiday destination is Padstow. Known for its harbor, Padstow is amazing and very different as far as the activities are concerned. Here you have The National Lobster Hatchery, where lobsters are reared and returned to the sea. The good thing is Padstow has some amazing self-catering apartments and houses, so you can spend a relaxed vacation over the weekend or can extend your stay for a week or more.
  • Bodmin is known for Arthur’s Hall, and you can also visit Brown Willy, which is the highest point of this duchy. Visitors are also interested in the small lake called Dozmary Pool.
  • Cornwall is best recognized for the legends of King Arthur, and if you are here, you must make time for the Tintagel Castle, which was made in the medieval times and is considered to be the birth place of King Arthur.

What to enjoy?

Coasteering is quite popular in Cornwall, and you will find some of the best facilities in the UK here. Most people are also interested in rock climbing, which is also popular with the locals. If you are experienced enough, you can include George Mallory in your list. Don’t forget to taste the Cornish cream tea.

You can check to find some of the best stay options in Cornwall, and make sure that you book in advance, especially if you want the best properties at the best prices.


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