Undiscovered Beauty of Seminyak Tourist Spot in Bali


The holiday season is fast approaching and you still have got no idea of where to visit? I can suggest one. A place you will burn all your calories in sheer excitement and wonder of the natural yonder. All you need to do is book a flight from Sydney to the distant lands of Bali. It will cost you approximately $498 and take 6hours 16 minutes shortest time. Otherwise if your holidays go for more than a month, you have a variety to choose from many stopovers and cheaper flights but that can take you 32hours. The flights are normally available from 10 am to 9 pm.

A place to spend your night should not be a bother as there are several villas in Bali that offer excellent hospitality services. You can afford as cheap as $49 per night bed and breakfast. Luxury hotels are also available and offer competitive services. You can dine high in these villas thanks to international chefs and go for a relaxing spa thereafter.

Just so you know, once you are Bali, there is a place that is fast rising to be one of the Indonesia’s tourist spot; Seminyak in Bali. It has humongous resort and spa not to mention a wide beach facing stretches of the Indian Ocean. The sleek bars and clubs around are enough to get you partying all night, swim and surf all day and settle in the evening to witness the magical sunset scenes it offers. It has been rated top ten alongside volcano Bali, Tanah lot and Borobudur tourists’ attraction sites. Just a taxi away, Seminyak Bali is the home of the most luxurious resorts, fashion stores, shopping experiences and dining spots. From its humble beginnings as a laidback village few years ago, it has risen to be desired destination backed up by the rich cultural diversity it has being a home of 300 ethnic communities speaking 700 languages.

This is why Seminyak is the most popular attraction site in Bali:

  • Private tours – You can decide to grab a cab and go round on an adventure around Seminyak’s surrounding beaches and resorts.

  • Cultural tours – Learn about several cultures in Bali, how they relate and their different diversities

  • Spas – Apparently, this is the only place you find excellent body massage as low as $20

  • Seminyak beach – Walking in the sand, skiing and surfing are major activities you can engage in plus the magnificent sunset viewing

  • Gift and specialty shop– To surprise your loved one s and friends when you go back to Sydney

  • Sightseeing tours – Oh there are a lot of tourist attractions to see in Seminyak


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