Why January is a Great Time for a Last Minute Holiday

It’s fair to say that January is recognized as about the worst part of the year by many people. The weather is typically terrible – cold, short days with never-ending rain and drizzle. Storms, snow even something as innocuous as fallen leaves causing travel chaos on a daily basis.

 For some reason however and despite all these good reasons, January is not really seen as a traditional holiday month. Perhaps it’s because it comes too soon after the expense of the Christmas period.

However, January is a great time to get away – especially on a last minute holiday, where there can be some really attractive deals and bargains.

This year therefore, perhaps put a little money aside for a January break. Or, like I do, when friends and relatives ask what I’d like for Christmas, ask for travel vouchers, Travelers Cheques – or just good old fashioned cash – and put it toward a January escape.

Here are some more reasons why a last minute January holiday might be just the thing to help avoid the winter blues.

Escape the Crowds

A winter holiday can be a great way to experience popular destinations – especially ones that are known for their summer sunshine. Barcelona, the Canary Islands, Lisbon, Malta and the Seychelles are just a tiny handful of the holiday destinations that attract well over a million visitors during peak, summer weather.

However, by visiting out of season, you will not be stuck in endless queues for the top attractions. Restaurants will not require weeks advance booking; typical tourist attractions will be empty enough for you to actually enjoy what they have to offer.

Just as a small example, I took a January city break to Berlin. Wandering though the near empty zoo, even in the snow, was a holiday memory that I will treasure.

Experience More

Live like a local! Again, to put a small personal spin on this advice, I live in London. Like most sensible Londoners, I don’t bother trying to get to any museum or Central London attraction during the summer months.

By visiting a city or town or even a resort out of season, you will get a lot more interaction with locals who will be out and about enjoying their local attractions and restaurants without hoards of tourists.

If you want to see what a city, or even a country is really like, then get there outside of tourist season.


Again, as mentioned near the start of this piece, January is not a time that many people typically look to go on holiday.

This means that both airlines and hotels have plenty of surplus capacity – and they are looking to sell it off cheap. This can be particularly fortuitous for the last minute traveler.

With the growth of websites that offer a range of last minute deals (one of them may even have a similar sounding name to that…) there are ample opportunities to get a bargain – especially if you are flexible about your destination.

So use this opportunity to have a real adventure!

Winter Sunshine


Finally, and possibly just one of the best reasons to get out there and have a January Holiday – to get some much needed Vitamin D! The winter after all, can be depressingly long, and the poor weather can really limit the opportunities to just get out there and enjoy life!

Instead of sitting at home however, desperately waiting for summer, take advantage of the ample travel opportunities presented to us by affordable air travel and last minute travel websites.

After all, you only live once – and I never heard of anyone on their deathbed regretting that they took too many holidays, or had too much fun.