Some Very Good Reasons to Book a Barcelona Holiday


I love Barcelona. The city is a venue that you can explore on foot or by bus. Whilst the city is big, it is also one that can be easily travelled by walking or by taking public transport. Whilst there are plenty of sites that are listed in guidebooks, I was able to find some out-of-the-way sites that are off the beaten path.

Off the Beaten Track

For example, I walked up toward Horta one day where I became acquainted with a charming and inviting place called the Sant Andreu district. I was also able to take in some beautiful and panoramic views. Naturally, you do not have to limit your discovery of Barcelona to walking or bus travel. The city can also be seen by bicycle. One of the places I cycled to was the Olympic mountain. You can get a good view of Barcelona from on high on this incline.

An Ideal Starting Point

One day, I began a bicycle tour of the city itself by starting at the Placa Catalunya. I love the city square as it is as historically interesting as it is busy. Flocks of pigeons gather here and the fountains are beautiful. This centre portion of Barcelona is where most of the hop-on and hop-off bus tours begin as well. So, it does not matter if you are riding a bike, walking, or travelling by bus; the Placa de Catalunya is an ideal starting point.

So, when you visit Barcelona, you cannot help be intrigued by the beaches, the buildings, and the centre square. Whilst I was in the city, I was also able to enjoy a number of live musical performances. The city boasts some amazing concert halls. For example, the Gran Teatre Del Liceu not only features wonderful programmes but is splendid to view. The building is decorated with plush red carpets, ornate carvings, and a splendid gold leaf décor.

A Memorable Cycling Experience

One day, whilst on a bike, I headed to Born from the square so I could get a good view of the Santa Maria del Mar church. From this point, I headed toward the Ciutadella Park and headed up Passeig de Sant Joan, pedalling with awe beneath the Arc de Triomf.

When I got to the Gran Via, I made a right turn to the Sagrada Familia. From that point, I could bike easily as I was able to get into a cycle lane and take it to Passeig De Gracia. Once you get to this route on your destination, you can view a number of emblematic Barcelona buildings.

Indeed, one of the highlights when I visited Barcelona was seeing some of the city’s modernist architecture, especially the works of Antoni Gaudi. Some of the most famous of the aforementioned is the Sagrada Familia. I also admired Park Güell, a space that I thought emulated an English garden town.

Enjoying the Music

In addition, I was able to see a performance at the Palau de la Musica Catalana, which is yet another modernist building. I definitely want to see the city again, especially when it hosts its music festivals. One festival that I plan to attend is the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona as I am a jazz aficionado.

Whether you enjoy music, architecture, or art, you will find as I did that Barcelona offers attractions that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in your travels.

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